Warmie Cream Extra long Fur Water Bottle

The only thing that's sure to keep you warm from top to bottom is this range of cosy long hot water bottles by Warmies. Choose your favourite design from the range that offers a soft, huggable, soothing hot water bottle experience. Each bottle is made from quality materials for safety and durability, every bottle comes with a removable cover that can be cleaned when needed with a damp cloth.

Measuring approximately 32" this long hot water bottle is great for sleeping, putting in a chair for heat therapy on your back, wrapping around your stomach for easing of cramps or pains and of course cuddling up to n a chilly night. Made with quality materials these hot water bottle are a must-have for many ages.

Please follow all care labels instructions carefully Product Details - New Designs - Choose Your Favourite from The Collection- Long Hot Water Bottle Style- Soft & Cosy Removable Covered- Measures Approx 32"- Great For Sleeping & Keeping Warm- Place In A Chair And Sit Back For Great Heath Therapy On Your Back- Wraparound Your Tummy For Heat Relief On Cramps & Pains- Follow All Care Instructions Carefully